The temptation of Christ     

                                                                                                                            Lent 1


“Man does not live by bread alone”.

“Do not put the Lord your God to the test”.

“Worship the Lord your God and serve no other God but him.” 
 Matthew 4 1-11.

The Israelites crossed the Red Sea
And wandered forty years in the desert
Being tested by each other and the elements.

They complained that there was no bread
So God gave them manna in the desert.

They tested God  at Maribah
When they demanded water.

They waited for so long for Moses to come down from the mountain
That they made a golden calf to worship.

Finally they crossed the river Jordan
And arrived in the Promised Land
Formed as God’s people.

And here comes Jesus
Crossing the Jordan
Back into the desert
Facing the same trials as the Israelites,
To reverse the story
And redeem their failures.

It is redemption of the past
But it’s also a foretaste of the Cross.



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