The Woman at the Well                        Lent 3

Jesus said to the Samaritan woman “Give me a drink” John 4 5-42.


It jars, the forthright way he demands water, but this strong

woman takes him on.  She parries with him, crossing bound-

aries of race and sex.  They dance between the practicalities

of drawing water from the well and the joy of sourcing

the wellspring  from within.   She sighs, “Sir, give me

that water always”. Prising open her life in the clear

light of day she finds she’s fully known by him;

The living water flows from deep within.

Leaving her jug, she turns and runs

Telling all that she has found Him.

She is the first evangelist and

Mary of Bethany and

 Mary Magdalene

will become her sisters in proclaiming

him Messiah, the long awaited Christ.



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