Churches Reopening  

Please note the new days and times of Masses at all our Churches

At the present moment, our Bishops have said that there is no ‘obligation’ to actually ‘attend’ mass in a church. We are however, able to join together to celebrate via our streamed mass, if you find that helpful.

In line with government requirements, if you attend church you MUST wear a face covering. Seating arrangements are clearly marked; however, accommodation is limited therefore once the maximum number has been reached then no one else will be able to enter.

Note: Please do not arrive for Mass on a Sunday unless you have received confirmation of a place. Registering for Mass at our Churches There are now many more opportunities to attend Mass in our Parishes especially during weekdays. Please do not hesitate to book your place.

If you would like to attend one of our Masses, you must register.  To comply with the government Test and Trace instructions we require all people attending Mass to register their name and contact details.

There are two ways to register:

1. Click here to access the full list of Mass dates & times in the churches, select the Mass you wish to attend and then complete the online registration.

2. If you don't have internet access there is a dedicated mobile phone where reservations can be made: 07562 653778 (please do not use the parish office telephone number).

Please note that registration for each Mass will open at midnight one week before the Mass and will close at midnight two days before the date of the Mass. This allows us to produce a register for use by the stewards to record all those who attend the Mass.

Changes to the Mass Registration Form

You will see that there is a change to the Mass Registration Forms in that you are asked to only book one family bubble per form. If you are booking for someone not in your household or family bubble then you are asked to complete a separate form for each of them.

We are trying this to see if we can increase the number of places available for each Mass. If there are three or four names booked and they are from the same household or bubble then we can sit them together without the normal 6ft social distance. This will increase the number of people in that row. Previously we would have had to reserve three of four individual seats even though on attending church they will actually sit together.

Contact details for all those attending each Mass need to be entered on the Mass Registration Form for Test and Trace purposes and writing in contact details slows down the entry process. Please note that these forms are kept for three weeks only - then shredded. This register will enable us to provide the government Test and Trace team a list of contacts should someone in the congregation be diagnosed with Covid-19.

Thanks for your understanding and apologies if this creates extra work for you but we are sure you will understand that spaces are limited and we are trying ways to maximise the number of places for Mass especially on Saturday evening and Sunday morning.

In addition to the Test and Trace system used in church, if you have downloaded the NHS COVID-19 app onto your phone, when you visit church you will be also be able to check in by scanning a QR code at the church entrance. This will help the NHS to notify you if you have come into contact with someone who has tested positive for coronavirus at that building. This is something that Places of Worship, businesses and organisations that are open to the public must do by law to help trace and stop the spread of coronavirus.

Please do not come to church if you are displaying any symptoms of the virus.  

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