Lenten Poems 

Third Sunday in Lent           Ten Commandments 

Before the ten prohibitions
“You shall not...”
God affirms, “I am”

As Jesus turns out the money changers
from the Temple,
he declares “You shall not
Turn my Fathers house into a marketplace”.

Then in coded message
Raising up the Temple
In three days ,
He reveals his mission
"I am the Resurrection
and the Life.”

Second Sunday in Lent    Abraham’s sacrifice of Isaac               

God calls Abraham
And he replies “Here I am”.
The task is a minefield of loyalty.
How do we hear it?
Abraham's faithfulness
Or Isaac's shock at his father's intent?

Abraham seeks only 
to be present
to God.
"Here I am" 
is the one repeated phrase he utters.

It is the same with Peter
on the mount of transfiguration;
"Here we are. It is good to be here".

In the moment
open to God
whatever is asked
however it looks
is the only response 
God longs for.

First Sunday in Lent       Mark 1. 12 
John begins his life in the barren womb 
of an older woman: 
the desert is a familiar place. 
He is preparing the ground 
for his cousin 
who has been born from vitality 
but today enters 
dryness and conflict. 
John, always a fore runner 
will meet death before his kinsman 
but both align together at the Jordan, 
wade into the water of baptism 
and exchange places  
as the story of Jesus begins...........