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We extend a warm welcome to parishioners and visitors to our parish website. 

We are four churches, St Bede's, Usworth, St John Boste, Oxclose, Our Blessed Lady Immaculate, Washington Village & Our Lady Queen of Peace Penshaw. However we strive to be one community!

As a Catholic parish we are dedicated to:

• Worshipping God and celebrating the Sacraments
• Growing in knowledge of our Catholic faith and sharing it with others 
• Supporting each other and anyone in need

We are part of the Partnership of Benedict and the member churches are:

Our Blessed Lady Immaculate, Washington

Our Lady Queen of Peace, Penshaw

St Bede, Sacriston

St Bede, Washington

St Cuthbert, Chester-le-Street

St John Boste, Washington

St Joseph, Birtley

St Mary, Easington Lane

St Michael, Houghton-le-Spring

Events - Kristos-Atria-

 20 - 21 January 2018 - 3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

There are two problems with being prepared to follow - whom you are following and where they are taking you.

When we look at Jonah, he had no problem in following God, whom he trusted and who he believed would lead his people out of the control of the people of Nineveh and into freedom.  But when God told him that his task in being a follower was to go and preach to the people of Nineveh so they could be saved from retribution, then that was too much; after all, it was only the thought of retribution and the future suffering of his tormentors that kept Jonah going.  So Jonah ran away; trusting God was one thing but saving the Ninevites quite another.  For Peter and Andrew, they had possibly heard about Jesus, but knew very little about him.  Something persuaded them to follow him, even though they had no idea where he was taking them.

For Jonah, refusal was easy as he knew exactly where God was taking him.  For Peter and Andrew, this was real trust, with little idea of who Jesus was and absolutely no idea where they were going.

We fall in between these two worlds because we have a reasonable idea of our relationship with God and we trust that wherever we go he will be there with us.  But it is still a challenge with little or no idea of the eventual outcome.  Jonah achieved a great deal (much to his annoyance) and Peter and Andrew founded the Church; what can we do?  Above all, don't run away and have an eye on the prize - everlasting life is quite a reward!  

Fr Anthony Cornforth

Mass - Kristos-Atria

9.15am: Our Blessed Lady ImmaculateMonday 
22 January 

7pm: Our Lady Queen of Peace

Tuesday 23 23 January

12 Noon: Our Blessed Lady          Immaculate    

7pm: St. Bede                               

24 January

7pm: St John 

25 January

9.15am: Our Blessed Lady Immaculate

10am: Our Lady Queen of Peace 

26 January 

9.05am: St Bede

9.30am: St John                  

27 January 


9.15am: Our Blessed Lady Immaculate

5pm: St Bede                               

28 January

8.30am: St Bede

9.30am: St John

10am: Our Lady Queen of Peace

11am: Our Blessed Lady Immaculate

6pm: Our Blessed Lady Immaculate

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