Parish Life

Our four churches support a range of organisations. 

These include:

Apostleship of the Sea (AOS)

The AOS is a Catholic charity supporting seafarers worldwide regardless of their faith, nationality or rank.    

In Britain 95% of all the goods we buy, TVs, Mobile phones, washingmachines and food is brought to us by seafarers. Our way of life and our economy is dependent on merchant shipping. Yet the sefarers are away from their families and friends for, on average, 10 months at a time, often enduring difficult living and working conditions on board their ships. Many work in apalling conditions and they have to cope with the loneliness, anxiety and isolation that can come from working on the high seas, away from loved ones and all that we take for granted, for months at a time.

In all the main ports in Great Britain our team of chaplains and volunteer ship visitors visit thousands of seafarers each year, meeting their needs through the provision of help, support and advice.  You can find out lots more about AOS and the work they do on the AOS website


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Fairtrade Foundation

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