Stella Maris formerly The Apostleship of the Sea Apostleship of the Sea Logo

The Stella Maris is a Catholic charity supporting seafarers, fishers and many other "people of the sea" worldwide.
It offers practical and spiritual help to all seafarers visiting Britain including a warm welcome, hospitality and solutions for those in need.


  • Did you know that 100,000 ships visit our shores every year bringing 95% of our food, consumer goods and raw materials?

  • Did you realise that 60% of seafarers are Catholics?

Many of them have been away from their home and family for months and they miss the opportunity to receive the sacraments. This causes communication difficulties, loneliness, anxiety and depression. 

In addition to these issues there are many other emergencies that arise for seafarers.

They can be abandoned by dishonest ship owners, they may have no money, no food or water, no means of communication and no rights. Many seafarers are now at risk of piracy and many ships sink each year.

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