Safe Families for Children

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Safe Families for Children is a new charity helping parents and carers who are struggling, as well as offering a short stay for their children with a supportive family, if needed.

When a crisis strikes, many of us rely on relatives and friends for support. However, some parents have no extended family or supportive relationships to assist them through both the crisis and caring for their child. Often a straightforward problem such as post-natal depression or unemployment can be debilitating. This type of social isolation combined with stress can increase the likelihood of child abuse, often through neglect, some may become Looked After by the Local Authority. Safe Families For Children provides a chance for parents to get back on their feet before these issues occur.
Whilst remaining as primary carer for their child and maintaining responsibilities accordingly, parents facing a temporary crisis can arrange for their child to stay with a trustworthy family while they address the issues that led to their situation. There is no charge for this service and volunteers are not compensated financially for their participation. SFFC is a movement for communities that want to expand their safety net for families experiencing difficulties.


For more information go to Www.Safefamiliesforchildren.Com

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