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Celebration of the Feast of St Benedict

As the Feast of St Benedict falls on a Sunday this year the Partnership will celebrate our Patron's Feast on Saturday 10th July with an open air Mass at 12.00 midday at the Grotto in the grounds of St Joseph's Birtley.

To book a place at this Mass please click here or if you do not have access to a computer or smart phone, please telephone 07562 653778. Please note that if bad weather prevents the celebration of Mass outdoors this Mass will be cancelled as the restrictions will prevent us accommodating everyone inside the church.

If it is necessary to cancel a notice will be posted on the "St Josephs Parish" facebook page.

Coming out of lockdown - lessons we can learn as we look to the future The Partnership Development (PDG) has spent a lot of time reflecting on our experiences during lockdown and looking forward to the future. As restrictions are lifted do we simply move back to what was previously regarded as normal, when for many "normal" or "business as usual" may not have been that great.

As we look forward to the future, how should we respond to the Pope's challenge to "Let Us Dream"? At the end of these lengthy discussions the PDG realised that it was important to take account of the views, the aspirations, the fears, concerns and dreams of the people in our parishes and church communities that make up the Benedict Partnership.

So, we are developing a questionnaire that will invite you to answer some questions and share your thoughts so that the PDG can take these into account in developing a vision and plans for the Partnership as we move forward beyond the Covid restrictions.

The questionnaire will be available in the coming weeks, information will be on the weekly newsletter, parish websites, social media and available on paper, for distribution and collection, for those who prefer the printed word.

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