Living Simply 

Our Precious Planet  

You can read about how to help to reduce the impact of damage to our environment in the Justice & Peace Newsletter from the Diocese of Hexham & Newcastle hERE 

Live Simply

In February:

  • Spring clean your wardrobe and cupboards early during the cold weather. 

  • Donate warm clothing, footwear and sleeping bags to charities looking after the homeless e.g. SVP, Peoples Kitchen, Salvation Army or similar.

  • Save electricity by switching off lights when leaving a room and avoid leaving items on standby.

    Could you live more simply to help our environment?

In January

  • Remember to recycle your cards, wrapping paper and Christmas trees.

  • A delicate wash releases more nonbiodegradable microfibres into the waste water.  Use a 40° wash instead of 30°

  • Try to use alternatives to cling film such as reusable containers or silicone covers.


Justice and Peace Refugee Project
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