The Blind Man Receives his sight 

                         John 9 1-41            Lent 4                                                                                            

Jesus sees a man who had been blind from birth,
though how he knew it was from birth’s unsure.
The disciples see a man who’s blind because of sin
But don’t know if the sin’s the parents' or their son’s.
The neighbours see a man who begged to stay alive
And the Phari-sees say Jesus is a sinner
For sabbath healing is against the Law.
The Jews get caught in the confusion 
Not knowing if the blind man’s really him
The parents know their son but fear inhibits their rejoicing.
The man alone can sense  the godly presence of “the light”
And emboldened by the cure he challenges those who question
The goodness of the one who kindly cured.
Yet those whose sight has never been an issue
persist in judging and so bring  condemnation on themselves.
The blind man loosened from his poverty
Is driven out of town by righteous men
But Jesus, never bound by etiquette or law
Pursues the blind man further, 
To offer him a glimpse of God’s true self.
And straight away the newly opened eyes  affirm
What others cannot see
This is The Son of Man, the long awaited:
He worships saying “Yes Lord I believe.”

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