Churches Opening

St John Boste Church will re-open for private prayer only from Monday 6th July.


St John Boste Church, Crighton,                
NE38 0LB

Bishop Robert has announced that St John Boste in our Partnership of Benedict will be the first church to open and that the church will be open for private prayer and reflection only at set times:

• Mondays 10am-1pm (the first hour for vulnerable groups – see below)
• Wednesdays 5pm-8pm
• Fridays 2pm-5pm (the first hour for vulnerable groups – see below)

Due to social distancing measures, there will be a limited capacity in each church. Should the maximum capacity of a church be met, a queueing system will be implemented outside of the Church.

Please note:

"Some people, including those aged 70 and over, those with specific chronic pre-existing conditions and pregnant women, are clinically vulnerable, meaning they are at higher risk of severe illness from coronavirus. As we begin to ease restrictions, this group who are clinically vulnerable should continue to take particular care to minimise contact with others outside their house-hold.

There is a further group of people who are defined, also on medical grounds, as clinically extremely vulnerable to corona-virus – that is, people with specific serious health conditions. They are advised to continue shielding to keep themselves safe by staying at home and avoiding gatherings or, if individuals wish to spend time outdoors, to take extra care to mini-mise contact with others by keeping two metres apart at all times."

Safety Video for the Re-opening of Churches in the Diocese of Hexham & Newcastle:
The Diocese has produced a short video to help you familiarise yourself with what you can expect when our churches reo-pen. Please watch it here.

If you would like further information about the reopening of churches click here to download our handbook or here to read our Frequently asked questions (FAQs) guide.

Click here to download a Prayer Resource for people visiting our churches or those that remain at home.
For this to happen we will require assistance from you, our parishioners.

We have had a number of volunteers already, but we would like to appeal for more volunteers from across the Partnership to help. The Diocese has produced guidance for the re-opening of churches and full training will be given.
Gradual Re-opening of Other Churches across the Benedict Partnership.

We are actively making preparations for a gradual re-opening of our other Churches across the Benedict Partnership. We are unable to put any timescale on our other Churches yet, but we would expect that, at some point, our Churches will be open at various times for a few hours each day. It could well be that Churches re-open on some form of rolling programme, however the start date of our other Churches has not yet been confirmed.

We can only open Churches with your help. In order to re-open, we will need assistance from you, our parishioners, to volun-teers to be stewards and cleaners.

Please see the article below about volunteering to act as ‘stewards’.

Could you give up a few hours of your time each week to ‘steward’ one of our Churches?

This may be at any of our Churches across the Benedict Partnership; you can indicate a preference on the form. If you are not in a ‘vulnerable’ group (that is any person over the age of 70, or any person with an underlying health issue – A full definition is on the form) and you would like to help make our Churches avail-able to all, we would be grateful if you could complete the form by following the link to Partnership Church Steward Application Form

We can only open Churches with your help so please consider volunteering and fill in the form.

Thank you.

Addresses and maps of all the churches in the St John XXlll Parish are available Here. 

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